Tips, Techniques and Golden Grids for Taking Better Photographs

Interested in improving your compositional techniques?
Ever wonder why some images capture our imaginations and why others don't?

Capturing Beauty Books offer some practical advice and suggestions for improving your "photo eye," and can help you compose better images using grids that have been around and used by painters for centuries. Good photography represents a balance between many things: highlights and shadows, organization and chaos, technology and creativity. Also it's a balance between the left and right side of our brain. Think of these books as representing the left and right side of your photo brain. Each will give you different insights into the many aspects of photographic composition.

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This first book explores the creative potential of capturing beauty with your camera. With 10 chapters and 10 images to reinforce each tip, there are over 100 photographs in the book showing beauty in color, shape, faces, reflections, moments, highlights and shadows, details and the frame. The tips are designed to awaken your photographic eye, and is an especially good read for photographers just getting started.
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The next book explores creative composition, and is organized around 5 Golden Grids that painters and artists have used for centuries. The book breaks down these Golden Grids and uses the seasons of the year – and nature itself – to show readers how to unlock the golden geometry that is all around us. In addition to explaining the grids, the book provides tips to help make your photos more compelling.
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